DOT Regulations - 49 CFR Hazmat training course by Cargo Training International

CFR 49 training course using DOT regulations


US Department of Transportation - Hazardous Materials Regulations
DOT 49 CFR - Full Course
USA Full Course
2 days

DOT 49 CFR - Recurrent
USA Revalidation
1 day
This program covers the regulations relating to the carriage of dangerous goods in North America. The full training requirements can be found in the DOT 49 CFR manual published in the USA by Department of Transport. Recurrent training is required every 36 months.
The course objectives are:
  • Have a basic understanding of the DOT 49 CFR regulations
  • How to use DOT 49 CFR Manual
  • The Legislative Framework - Department of Transportation, Department of Labor's OSHA and the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Enforcement - the enforcing organizations and the protocol after a violation
  • Emergency Response Requirements and Hazardous Materials Incidents
  • Reporting
  • What is the TSA and how does it relate to HM transportation
  • Legal and Regulatory Developments - what is new and what is proposed
This program may be run in conjunction with an associate company.
This course is also available in-house (worldwide).