Dangerous Goods by Sea Training Course (IMDG Training) by Cargo Training International

Dangerous Goods by Sea, IMDG training

Dangerous Goods by Sea (IMDG)

Dangerous Goods by Sea
UK Full Course
2 days

IMDG - Dangerous Goods By Sea - Full Course
USA Full Course
2 days

IMDG - Dangerous Goods By Sea - Revalidation
USA Revalidation
1 day
The IMDG Code contains clearly defined recommendations for the training of all staff who handle or process dangerous goods shipments for transportation by sea. The full training requirements can be found in the IMDG Code Volume 1, Chapter 1.3 (page 25). This Chapter also includes reference to "refresher training".
This programme will enable students to use IMDG codes to prepare dangerous goods shipments and associated documentation. A certificate of competence will be awarded to those who successfully complete the course and the written examination.
The course is suitable for students who have not attended any training on this subject before or who are updating their knowledge in accordance with the refresher training requirements.
The course objectives are:
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Documentation
  • Dangerous Goods classes
  • Packaging, marking and labelling
  • IBCs
  • Stowage, separation and segregation
  • Limited quantities
  • EmS
  • MFAG
  • Validation