DGSA Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor Training Course ? Preparatory training for the SQA DGSA Examination

Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor DGSA training course

Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser

Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (5 days)
UK Full Course
5 days

Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor - Refresher
UK Revalidation
3 days
The European Commission issued a Directive (96/35/EC) on the appointment and qualification of Safety Advisers for the transport of dangerous goods by road, rail and inland waterways.
If you ship dangerous goods by any of these modes of transport, you will probably need to appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA). The examination for the vocational qualification is set by the Scottish Qualifications Authority and administered by them.
We are offering a cost-effective five day preparatory training programme which will cover all the essential elements of the syllabus necessary for the examination. The course comprises study of the appropriate road regulations plus the following subjects:
  • Vehicle Operations
  • Driver responsibilities and training requirements
  • Environmental Protection
  • Reporting Duties
  • Safety audits
  • Emergency procedures
  • The role of the DGSA
  • Training requirements
  • DGSA examination syllabus
  • Job functions of the DGSA
  • Transport of dangerous goods by rail and inland waterways
Potential candidates for this programme should visit the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) website for all examination information. The information will include the application process, application forms and permitted examination material.

Visit the SQA website for all information on the examination: www.sqa.org.uk/dgsa.


NOTE: The 3 day refresher training only covers ALL CLASSES and CORE modules. If you require training on the ROAD/ADR module you should attend the full week.