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Dangerous Goods Regulations

All the Dangerous Goods Regulations have been revised for 2017 and you should be using the up to date manuals.  For air it is the 58th Edition of the IATA DG Regulations.  For road it is the ADR - 2017 and for sea the IMDG Code - 2016 Edition.

CD Media Training Ltd

Our successful launch of the Introduction to Dangerous Goods online training programme which is a multimodal module has now been followed by an equally successful series of programmes exclusively covering dangerous goods by air training.  These have been specifically designed to meet the training requirements of the various IATA Categories as laid down in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Table 1.5.A.  These modules have been accepted by the UK CAA as suitable for staff who do not require the full certificate but must conform to the training laid down as commensurate with their responsibilities for the handling and processing of dangerous goods.  All modules have been updated to reflect 2015 changes in the regulations.

More details will be found on our website:

For those of you involved in working airside at a UK airport you will be aware that you must hold a General Security Awareness Training Certificate (GSAT) to be able to apply for an airside pass. Our online programme has proved very popular since its launch and has been updated to reflect chnages to the security regualtions.

Details and access to the programme are shown at www.gsattraining.net

Dangerous Goods Manuals

We are often asked for a supplier of the various dangerous goods regulations in the UK. Our preferred supplier is Freight Merchandising Services in Ashford, Middlesex. Telephone 012784 240840 or online at www.fmslondon.co.uk.

New Courses

We are offering courses for the carriage of lithium batteries.  These are in modular form and offered on a 'pick and mix' basis so that you can choose any or all of the programmes. Our website gives details (here).